simpsons qrcode

I grew up watching the Simpsons, as I assume many adults my age did. I wish to influence it back.Could this be the next evolution of the Couch Gag?

When I find myself watching the simpsons, we are trained to look for what Bart write on the blackboard, and waiting to see how the couch gag changes every week.  Would people go for Looking for a gliph, and seeing if there was a special exclusive video clip? I think they would.

I think that mobile tagging has opportunities to bringing people from the TV screen to personalized call to actions to media “treats”per se.  I think the advantage of having something like this on a cartoon show intro, is that people LOVE these shows. They want every bit of extra media they can get.  As opposed to a commercial that someone is quick to forget.

Just a thought.  I understand by putting this idea into the blogosphere I might not credit, but best case scenario, maybe they will simpsonize me into a cameo. That would be quite an honor.  In the words of Homer , it will either be a  Woo Hoo or Doh’ scenario.


Note: This is in no way affiliated with Fox.