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Thinking about ways to combine QR code sequences to have QR codes be more attention grabbing.

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If the goal of a QR codes is to get a person to scan a code, a simple animation could draw someones attention and get them to scan the code. This is a way to grab someones attention without effecting the error correction of the code itself. Great for use in web advertising or possibly on LCD displays.  Just don’t go all blinky on us.

-Patrick Donnelly



I tried.

By revolving a linear barcode, you get these beautiful lines, but the scanning accuracy needs to be PERFECT or it wont work. A few radians off, and you are purely in art deco land. Obviously, modifying the radius would improving scanning ability,

So, learn from my mistakes / experiment.

I think social barcodes and stickybits are still a very interesting format for 1d barcodes with a great implementation back end infrastructure.

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Trying out new ways to combine and contrast the visual experience vs. the computer vision experience with 2d barcodes.

I personally find it interesting when you can see one thing a machine can’t, and vice versa. As a follow up to some of the pieces that I have seen Nathan do, I might try and make a purely 3d code, but for this example, I was curious on reusing the visual schemas established by legacy technologies.

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