Do we owe it to ourselves to customize codes to the highest or lowest common denominator?  ( Yes, but its unfair )

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QR code is now a small town  😉  Works using i-nigma

I find it so fascinating that a code can work on some scanners and completely not register on others.  The isometric angle of this code is the main issue, made this way to match the aesthetics of the Cityville game, but it again brings up an interesting question.

How can we optimize QR codes to work to the higher end, not the lower end of the spectrum.  This project was for what I call QR code research, but if I can get this to work on 1 scanner. How much do I have to decustomize so that it will work on 2, 5, 10 scanners, etc.  Where is the lowest common denominator? Why can’t the QR code scanners race to the top?