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Exploring new ways to innovate within QR codes through animation.  Through use of subtle animation, this racing lights example is overkill, one can draw attention to a QR code without effecting functionality.

Another first from Patrick Donnelly





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Use a QR code to connect people to your facebook fan page. Their is much to be said about forming your tribe and growing a network of people that can help promote or share your business or passion.  Start your personal marketing via QR and mobile marketing, and then give them updates to your personal brand via email, facebook feeds, and continue to grow your relationship.

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Trying out new ways to combine and contrast the visual experience vs. the computer vision experience with 2d barcodes.

I personally find it interesting when you can see one thing a machine can’t, and vice versa. As a follow up to some of the pieces that I have seen Nathan do, I might try and make a purely 3d code, but for this example, I was curious on reusing the visual schemas established by legacy technologies.

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