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I tried.

By revolving a linear barcode, you get these beautiful lines, but the scanning accuracy needs to be PERFECT or it wont work. A few radians off, and you are purely in art deco land. Obviously, modifying the radius would improving scanning ability,

So, learn from my mistakes / experiment.

I think social barcodes and stickybits are still a very interesting format for 1d barcodes with a great implementation back end infrastructure.


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custom stickybits design

For those of you that have been following my friendly duel with JP4 of QRiousCODE on stickybits ( he is winning, but I am hopeful ! ), I have stumbled upon a hybrid code idea for Stickybits.  This format will allow you to essentially “vote” with the correct call to action.  Scan the top to go to QrArts SB bits, Scan the bottom to go to JP4 SB bits.

What other applications could this hybrid stickybits code yield?

qr code global
Launched today, QR1337’s newest art project is a new take on an old favorite. Using stickybits, we will send out 25 stickybits to circle the globe.  Users will be able to “check in” the status of the postcard with a photo with GPS coordinates to track their progress.  I am very excited to announce this global collaborative participatory artist piece.  Pieces will be hitting the post office on tuesday and some have not been spoken for. If you are in Europe and would like to participate, please email me your address, I have a few that are not spoken for.

At the end of the campaign, I am going to map all the pictures onto a graphic showing the travels of the postcards.


Patrick Donnelly, Qr Code Artist